Alfajarin School

The implementation strategy of the CEIP Alfajarín has consisted in ordering the set formed by the built volumes and the exterior spaces in a balanced way, taking into account those conditions specific to the characteristics of the plot and, above all, an adequate relationship with the buildings and outdoor spaces under construction. The pre-existence of the nursery building, whose volume includes a first floor built in perimeter, but empty in its interior distribution, determines the location of the new volumes and the connection of these with the existing one. Thus, the buildings are arranged according to the main guideline of the plot, attaching the volumes to the northern boundary, achieving better southwest lighting in the classrooms.

The building of children and primary school is organized with southwest orientation of the classrooms, placing complementary uses in the northeast orientation. Access to the piece is done from Paseo de Aragón, with direct access to the classroom. A second direct entrance to the playground is also located on the same boundary, with access to the volume of dining room and multiple uses. Likewise, from this point you have access to the library, the teachers’ room, the secretary’s office and the psychomotor classroom, as elements commonly used on the ground floor. They complete the same 4 children’s units and adjoining server spaces. The children’s toilets are arranged in the back of the classroom, achieving equal modulation on the ground floor and first floor. The installation spaces are also located on the ground floor, centered on the piece to serve all the volumes. The plant is completed by the AMPA and local students, both facing north with independent access to the street.

On the first floor there are 3 primary classrooms and a music-plastic classroom with a southwest orientation. In its northeast slope are a split classroom and the computer classroom. Two staircases are located at the ends of the plant, resolving the evacuation needs. Both, on the ground floor, have direct access to the outside and to the patio. On the first floor, a connection is established with the existing building through a light footbridge with east and west views. On the first floor of the existing building there are 7 primary classrooms in southwest orientation, tutoring and north-facing classrooms.

The dining room is located as a natural continuation of the new volume of children and primary, connected with it through a porch. Like the other volumes, its north-south orientation favors natural cross ventilation and direct lighting. Its location provides easy access to kitchen supplies.

The exterior spaces are distinguished according to the intended uses, making a distinction between the children’s playground located between the new building (classroom) and the existing building (First P. reform). There is a small porch that shades children’s classrooms in summer, and an outside space with sandpit, rubber flooring and artificial turf. In turn, attached to the dining room, a covered porch is made for primary playground. The primary patio is located in the southeast of the plot, with an important topographic jump of one meter in height. In addition to the multi-sports courts, two volleyball courts and one datchball court are created in the upper level, next to the dining building. and a playful space annexed to these tracks, which proposes a recreational area that allows alternative creative play forms.


Alfajarín (Zaragoza). 2018

1st prize


Santiago Carroquino, Marta Quintilla

Collaborator architect

Marcos González


DGA. Departamento de Educación


8.807,40 m²


3.680.415,01 €