Cantalobos Play Center

The proposal provides interior refurbishment of Cantalobos Play Center and climate.

The internal reform provides order and simplification both space and the current program of the Play Center. The creation of four free-standing interior volumes are contemplated, that delimitate and organize various activities (Educators room, games room, workshops, games and warehouse). In turn, these secondary modular spaces host uses (toilets, facilities, storage areas, and air conditioning machinery).

Currently exists within the Play Center a slope (between the educators area and toy library) which it makes it inaccessible for handicapped people use, the internal reform includes the elimination of this gap, enabling all new areas are accessible for handicapped people.


Zaragoza, 2009


Santiago Carroquino, Marta Quintilla


Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza


177,55 m²


256.854 €