Cervantes School

The project consists of a set of buildings that are built around a central courtyard in “U” form. Three clearly identifiable volumes will house two separate Learning Centers (Nursery and Primary education). The plan and the orientation influence the creation of two separate buildings, joined by a third section that will house communal facilities.

The Primary School Centre (three floors) will occupy the building greatest in area, with a linear development by means of a corridor that divides the floor into two supporting walls. On one side, the bathroom area; on the other side, and facing south, the classrooms, ensuring the absence of sun glare and the maximum lighting possible throughout the year.

The closure of the building is solved by a light facade system consisting of two curtain walls: polycarbonate on the outside and glass on the inside; hosting in their chamber the metal structure and the installations, solving the thermal and acoustic insulation problem. The facade outside finish is solved by a modular cell polycarbonate system without appreciable bindings, applying a wide selection of colours using vertical stripes that stylize the building and create a dynamic and interactive game around the children.

The library located on the top floor comes unstuck of the facade and flies over the patio allowing privileged position and views.

The Nursery Education Centre, opposite to the Primary Education one, takes place again in a linear construction but on one floor only. The light and its scale allow the creation of an appropriate environment for children. The South oriented classrooms have several elements hung out in the sun: the use of a porch with eaves provides proper shade and slats as sun protection. The bathrooms are located on the facade, allowing natural ventilation and lighting.

A third area, blind and made of concrete, connects the two centers housing the complementary programs (fitness room, dining hall, locker rooms, installations, etc …) A building with two large areas illuminated by skylights that let in plenty of natural light. The former is linked with other areas by two porches that cross it transversely generating access lobbies to both schools (nursery and primary).


Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza), 2010


Santiago Carroquino, Cruz Díez

Collaborator Architect

Marta Quintilla


Diputación General de Aragón


3.145.23 m²


3.781.189 €


Simón García