Scandinavian School

This proposal for extension of the Scandinavian School it´s organized around the principles of functionality and integration into existing buildings and constructive and formal continuity with the rest of action. In this way the proposal in its entirety is generated as a continuation of the proposed extension, at same level and adopting as enveloping volume one similar to the existing one. The concept is to create an extension that without giving up their presence does not alter the arrangement of the ensemble.

It is the idea of the proposal that a school building which is perfectly implemented in a residential environment should not disobey these principles of coexistence in its expansion and extension. It has been designed a building that without renouncing to meet the demands of use, it disintegrates hiding his true scale placed in the manner of traditional Scandinavian constructions.

The buildings formed by the extensions are solved by three simple volumes with gable roof. The clarity of its envelope is favored by regulatory criteria thus optimizing the parameters of energy saving. On the ground floor, it shows the principles of integration of the whole, the current dining expands in continuity of the courtyard, building on the current office area.

The arrangement of parts and outer paths is not altered by the expansion of the plan, being equal uses and itineraries of students and teachers by the school.

At first floor the arrangement of a volume respond to the interest to dispel the scale of the new piece not altering the overall beauty.

On the current area of classrooms it provides a new body following the provision of the current being organized by a central corridor providing classrooms to east, and offices and toilets on the west facade.


Alcobendas (Madrid), 2015

Competition 1st prize


Santiago Carroquino, Marta Quintilla


Scandinavian School Association


865,01 m²


521.898,48 €


Marta Quintilla