santiago carroquino | architects is a team of professionals located in Zaragoza and national and international stage of work.

Santiago Carroquino Larraz coordinates a team of collaborators, working together with specialists and clients. We design from dedication and conscience, solving from the professionalism customer the requirements in accordance with the technique, economy of means and environmental commitment.

Our goal is to develop architecture which derives from common sense. We are driven by the diversity and complexity of each new project. The challenge is to find smart, responsible and customized solutions based on constructive excellence and precision.

To achieve this goal we have formed a team committed to the continuous and constant communication. Communication and close cooperation with the developer, the specialists, the worker guilds, the administrations and the prospective users. That is why our projects and works have been awarded and widely published.

We have also managed to move our commitment to teaching, while research in areas that we consider of interest and future, complementing the design activities of the office.

We set this aim for ourselves from a common background, the interdisciplinary knowledge and the acquired experience.