Zaragoza, 17 april 1969

He studied architecture at the School of Architecture of La Coruña, fixing in 1998 his residence in Zaragoza.

From 1998 to 2000 he collaborates / learn at the study of Basilio Tobias, creating in 2000 his own studio.

From 2000 to 2005 he teaches at two local design schools, municipal architect in various local entities and member of the Board of Zaragoza Institute of Architects. At this time built works such as the single-family housing Novillas, receives the 1st National EYMO Award of Metallic structure by the Sports Hall of Trasmoz (unbuilt), winning in 2005 the contest for Oliver kindergarten.

In 2005 it is associated with Hans Finner forming Carroquino Finner | Architects. The result of collaboration are projects for Santa Isabel kindergarten, La Paz kindergarten and Actur Library and Elderly Center, all situated in Zaragoza.

In 2009 the study dissociates in Carroquino (Zaragoza) | Finner (Hamburg) architects. The option to broaden the spectrum leads him to collaborate with more partners performing with Cruz Diez, Cervantes School in Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza) and Grávalos di Monte architects, the Nursery in the park in Zaragoza.

He has been associate  of the School of Architecture of Zaragoza USJ from 2009-2010 and is also professor there until 2011.

At that date associated with Marta Quintilla forming Santiago Carroquino | Architects and performing projects as Expansion and reform of the Scandinavian School of Madrid, Restoration of the mansion of Lizarbe in Tarazona and Rehabilitation of industrial building for the local police headquarters in Tarazona. The latter also in collaboration with Carlos Bressel.

From 2013-2017 he was Associate Professor at the Department of Architectural Constructions at the School of Architecture of the University of Zaragoza.


Marta Larraz. Architect, ETSA University of Navarra

Claudia Gadea. Architect, ETSA Universidad de Zaragoza

Roberto Grima (engineer)
Roberto Martínez (engineer)
Simon Vicente (calculation of structures)


Marta Quintilla. Architect, ETSA University of Navarra

Marcos González. Architect, ETSA Universidad de Zaragoza

Juan José Vera (quantity surveyor)

María Latre. Architecture student, ETSA USJ Zaragoza

Cristina Ripoll. Architecture student, ETSA Alcalá de Henares

Eduardo Almalé. Draftsman

Lara Jiménez. Quantity Surveyor

Mario Vahos. Architecture student, NTNU (Noruega)

María Pía Canals. Architecture student, ETSA University of Navarra

Ana Vera. Draftsman